Security Training

How proficient are you in discovering and exploiting novel vulnerabilities?

Training Material

We have spent an enormous time to create scholastic exercises that will challenge any team of any level. The course is provided with videos or text guiding the user through the labs

ONLINE Platform

We have an in-house platform along with in-house challenges and that allowed us to build a unique lab experience for you


Our lab provides a community of like-minded people, to discuss with others as your learn


The labs are gamified which makes the process of learning fun and interactive

Security Auditing & Development Tool

Bluetooth Low Energy

We develop tools to assist in both product development and security testing. Our flagship is the BLE:Bit tool which can be used in many tasks. It can be used in penetration testing, QA automation as well as during the product development (both of the device and mobile application).

Security Auditing

Test the communication of a BLE device and discover any vulnerabilities they exist


During the development of a central software and a peripheral device, BLE:Bit comes to the rescue. Develop custom centrals and peripherals using BLE:Bit SDK. The tool requires no special installation but JRE 1.8.

Software Quality Assurance

Automate your BLE tasks and make sure regression tests are all automated. Create your tests once and run them forever!


Inspect the BLE application protocol and find-out possible implementation-based or application protocol bugs

A few things we’re great at

Every business has certain unique skills, here’s our own superpowers

security Expertise

The team of this company have been penetration testers, developers and security researchers.


We offer focused courses that help security professionals to hone their skills

Training labs

We provide CTF-like labs using a gemified environment to help people learn faster

BLE protocol

Our team boasts extensive expertise in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol development and security auditing

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