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Self-hosted, self-made Labs

Fortify your defenses with our cybersecurity labs, tailor-made to empower your company's digital resilience

Modern Challenges

Our labs contain challenges based both on modern vulnerabilities exploited in the wild and bugs we find daily during our penetration tests

We may also customize the labs to adapt to your organization’s needs

Progressive Team Training

Secure Coding Trainings

Container Security

Our exclusive container security course, perfectly tailored to the needs of programmers and DevOps professionals, enriched with hands-on labs set up in the cloud. You'll enjoy your own private network accessible through a VPN, ensuring a secure and convenient learning environment.

We've created this course to equip you with not just theoretical insights but also practical expertise. Our comprehensive textual course material supports a multi-faceted learning experience. Discover the ins and outs of container technology, learn how to debug and optimize container performance, and acquire strategies for managing container orchestration and automation.

Our meticulously crafted course is dedicated to enhancing your comprehension and skill set, providing you with the necessary tools to handle the intricate ecosystem of containerized applications. Dive into the principles of container security, master the nuances of container lifecycles, and understand how to implement effective container security policies.

Our mission is to ensure you excel in your roles, armed with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques to navigate the multifaceted world of programming and DevOps in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

Web Security

Presenting our state-of-the-art labs, intentionally designed as broad-spectrum enterprise solutions. While our curriculum is comprehensive, we cater not only to software companies, but our training modules also extend to a wide array of industries from finance to health-care. Our aim is to enhance the skills of your workforce in all aspects of web application security.

Our labs are replete with rich educational material and engaging challenges, designed to provide insightful progress tracking for each team member. From grasping the subtleties of secure financial transactions to mastering the protection of a wide array of applications, our labs cover an extensive range of common vulnerabilities. We've based our curriculum on the most frequently found vulnerabilities, encompassing 97% of those detected in our penetration tests. This comprehensive approach ensures your team is well-equipped to deal with the vast majority of security threats they may encounter.

Each challenge is meticulously crafted and can be customized to align perfectly with the unique requirements and goals of your business. This ensures a personalized approach to learning and development, fitting the specific needs of your industry applications. We support many web frameworks.

Embark on an engaging, in-depth learning journey, concentrating on the broad range of vulnerabilities your team may encounter. Our goal is to empower your workforce, fostering a robust understanding of all aspects of web application security within the context of your specific application domain.

Mobile Security

Welcome to our immersive mobile secure coding lab, meticulously crafted to empower developers to create secure and robust mobile applications. In an era where mobile applications play an integral role in our daily lives, secure coding practices have become indispensable. Whether you're developing for iOS or Android platforms, our lab is designed to enhance your skills and strengthen your understanding of mobile application security.

Our lab provides an engaging and hands-on experience, offering a dedicated sandbox environment for practical exercises and coding challenges. Here, you will discover the importance of secure coding practices, learn to identify and mitigate common vulnerabilities in mobile applications, and understand how to implement security features effectively.

The course materials provide a comprehensive journey into mobile secure coding. From the principles of secure coding, understanding threat modeling for mobile applications, to advanced topics such as secure network communication and data encryption, our lab covers it all. You'll master the art of writing secure code, managing secure data storage, securing your back-end API, and ensuring secure user authentication.

Every challenge in our lab is tailored to reflect real-world scenarios, providing invaluable insights into both iOS and Android application security landscapes. This experience ensures you're equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop secure mobile applications that can stand up to today's evolving cybersecurity threats.

Join our mobile secure coding lab, and enhance your coding practices to meet the security standards of the ever-growing mobile application industry.

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