Bluetooth Low Energy Security Assessment

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BLE Device Security Assessment

As Cybervelia, we are recognized leaders in security testing of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) products and BLE mobile applications. Our team consists of highly experienced security professionals who are adept at the latest testing methodologies and practices.

Our commitment to excellence in BLE security testing is unparalleled. We have a comprehensive understanding of BLE protocols and potential security risks associated with them. We have successfully assessed a wide range of BLE products, from wearable technology and home automation devices to industrial sensors and healthcare equipment, ensuring they are secure and compliant with industry best practices.

Our mobile application security testing expertise is equally commendable. We are well-versed in the diverse mobile application architectures and the unique set of challenges they present. We have conducted extensive security testing on various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and hybrid applications. Our approach covers all potential threat vectors – from insecure data storage, improper session handling, to potential backend API vulnerabilities. In regards to the BLE, we analyze the logic of the BLE protocol and detect vulnerabilities, denial-of-services, missing authentications or access control issues.

What truly sets Cybervelia apart is our ability to provide a complete and precise security overview. We not only identify vulnerabilities but also provide context on the real-world impact and potential business risks, enabling our clients to prioritize their remediation efforts effectively. Our detailed and insightful reports are lauded by both technical teams and executive leadership for their clarity and actionable guidance.

We also recognize that security is not a one-time activity but a continuous process. Therefore, we partner with our clients beyond the testing phase, guiding them in implementing the required security controls and validating their effectiveness.

At Cybervelia, we are not just a security testing provider, we are your trusted security partner. Our commitment to integrity, quality, and client satisfaction, along with our technical prowess, make us an industry front-runner in BLE and mobile application security testing.

In alliance with our esteemed partners, Shell Wanted, Cybervelia stands at the forefront of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) security expertise. We proudly provide an advanced BLE Security Testing course, curated for cybersecurity professionals, which is a testament to our deep domain knowledge and our commitment to raising industry standards.

To elevate the practical experience, we supplement this training with a unique BLE Security Testing Kit. The heart of this kit is our proprietary open-source tool, BLE:bit (available at, an exemplification of our innovative prowess and deep understanding of real-world BLE security issues.

Adding to our credentials is the Cybervelia BLE Security Testing Certification. This certification is a mark of distinction in the field of BLE security, underscoring our capability to assess and validate the security of BLE implementations.

In engaging with Cybervelia for your software product security testing needs, you're opting for a leader in the BLE testing industry. Cybervelia ensures your products meet the highest standards of security in an increasingly connected world.

During the BLE Security Test the following activities are followed:

  1. Mobile application mapping. We try to understand the application's logic and functionality

  2. Device services and profiles identification

  3. Mobile static analysis and identification of BLE handler

  4. Mobile application dynamic analysis and protocol interception and analysis

  5. Permission testing

  6. Access control testing

  7. Authentication and authorization testing

  8. Data Confidentiality and Integrity

  9. DoS and crash analysis

  10. Web API access control match with BLE access controls

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Cybervelia offers low pricing model to help small businesses to get protected from CyberSecurity threats.

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All penetration tests are conducted by an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

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We produce reports that are understood from both technical and non-technical people. Each report includes the findings of the test and how such vulnerabilities can be fixed.