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Windows and Linux Server Configuration Review

Cybervelia's Server Configuration Security Review service is your first line of defense in the increasingly complex world of digital threats. The security of your server configuration is the bedrock upon which your business's cyber resilience rests. Poorly configured servers are like open doors for cybercriminals, often leading to data breaches, system failures, and significant business disruption.

Why is this review so crucial? In essence, servers are the central nervous system of your digital operations. If they are not set up securely, it can put your entire digital infrastructure at risk. They store sensitive data, host critical applications, and manage network traffic, making them a prime target for cyber attackers. A Server Configuration Security Review helps ensure these servers are not just operational, but also secure, providing an added layer of protection for your digital assets.

By choosing Cybervelia you ensure your servers are well-protected against potential threats. This proactive approach is vital in creating a robust security posture for your business.

Here's how Cybervelia proceeds with the Server Security Auditing:

  1. Initial Assessment: Cybervelia's experts first take a holistic view of your existing server configuration, understanding its role in your broader IT infrastructure.

  2. Configuration Review: Next, the team performs a detailed review of your server's current configuration settings, checking for potential security weaknesses such as outdated software versions, unnecessary open ports, insecure user privileges, and more.

  3. Vulnerability Scanning: Using advanced scanning tools, the team identifies potential vulnerabilities in the server's configuration that could be exploited by an attacker.

  4. Risk Evaluation: Every identified vulnerability is assessed based on its potential impact and likelihood of exploitation. This step helps prioritize remediation efforts.

  5. Report and Recommendations: Finally, a comprehensive report is produced that outlines the findings and offers clear, actionable recommendations to enhance the security of your server configuration.

Is your server configuration set up to maximize security?

Ensure the success and security of your business by not overlooking the importance of Server Configurations

Protect your business from Cyber-attacks!

Competitive pricing

Cybervelia offers low pricing model to help small businesses to get protected from CyberSecurity threats.

Certified team

All penetration tests are conducted by an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

Extensive report

We produce reports that are understood from both technical and non-technical people. Each report includes the findings of the test and how such vulnerabilities can be fixed.

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